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In 2017 there were 2,400 immigrant children being detained by the U.S. Now the number is over 14,000 and counting. As a result of the strict policies being created by the current administration, the number of detained children has risen drastically. Many of these families and children are seeking refuge from poverty and violence, but instead are being held in detention centers. They are missing from their loved ones, homes, schools, playgrounds and most importantly, they are missing their childhood.


This art installation represents the over 14,000 children who are currently being detained by the U.S. government. The milk cartons are a nod to the missing children campaign that ran throughout the U.S. from the early 80’s to the late 90’s.

Each carton is a visual representation of an immigrant child being held in detention centers across the country. The text on the cartons represents what they are missing – their family, community, and most importantly their childhood.


Our objective is to raise public awareness about the 12,800 (and counting) children that have been detained by the U.S. government and to create a ripple effect that leads to the reunification of families.


This public installation consisted of a 20ft clear polycarbonate structure supported by a steel skeleton, with a base weighing 12,000 lbs. It was lined with white neon and featured shelving made of clear corrugated plastic. Within these sections, 14,000 half-gallon milk cartons were housed, each adorned with glossy white decals conveying words that express what children are missing while in the detention camps.